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“Social media companies are the most dangerous monopolies — ever. Facebook, Twitter, and Google are far worse than the original monopolies like International Harvester and Standard Oil and far more dangerous because they monopolize not just our industries but our brains…”

It’s uncanny: Search any news issue and stories by left leaning liberal sites come up overwhelmingly in Google.

“CNN, by a wide margin, appeared most frequently, with nearly twice as many results returned as the second-place finisher, The Washington Post. Other left-leaning outlets also fared well, including NBC, CNBC, The Atlantic, and Politico. The only right-leaning sites to appear in the top 100 were The Wall Street Journal and Fox News with 3 and 2 results respectively.”

Oh, I forgot, they own the search world and they’re “progressive”—that explains everything. 21st century totalitarianism.