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The wheels of justice grind slowly. Too often they come off the tracks.

Not this time.

It has been nine years since president Barack Obama roasted Donald J. Trump at the White House Correspondent’s dinner. Truth be told, it went beyond a roasting. It was mockery and derision unleashed on the man who had dared question the sitting president’s place of birth and who was crazy enough, even then, to hint at a run for the White House. Here is a short slice of what was a prolonged roasting:

Donald Trump, then a celebrity, took it in stride. But close observers note that this humiliating performance by the arrogant sitting president had gone too far, and rubbed Trump the wrong way.

Five years later, Obama mocked Trump again. This time Donald Trump was the Republican candidate for President. Here is the clip of Obama dropping his smart-phone in derision of the man who would dare try and take his place in the Oval Office.

Of course, the election of Trump came as a crushing rebuke to the man who had so long, in arrogance, mocked Trump and all he stood for. It is a classic illustration of the Progressive elite professor looking down upon the Blue-collar Billionaire populist who had arrived ion the scene promising to rescue the “lost men and women” of America and to give them a voice. His campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” flew in the face of Obama’s 8 years in office that focused on downplaying American exceptionalism and placating America’s enemies.

Fast-forward to 2020. Things have come around for a complete 180. We have just begun to see Obama pay for his arrogance and derision. The most corrupt President of the United States, glorified by the media throughout his tenure even as he used the IRS, CIA and FBI and DOJ to crush his enemies, is approaching his judgment day. This is just the beginning! Watch this clip from Fox and Friends this week:

In an article by the Epoch Times today, Donald Trump sounds like he is coming for Obama.

The report reads: President Donald Trump charged on May 10 that ‘Obamagate’ was “the biggest political crime in American history, by far!” Trump took to Twitter, his favored social media platform, to make the statement. He added on May 11: “OBAMAGATE makes Watergate look small time!”

The Office of Barack and Michelle Obama didn’t respond to a request for comment on Trump’s remarks.