Presidential comment line: 202-456-1111

You heard it right. Barack Obama’s corrupt and sketchy Attorney General is seriously considering making a run for the White House in 2020. As the girl in the video says “You can’t make this stuff up!” Here was the man who helped former Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton craft his notorious list of final hour pardons, that inevitably made the former president a very rich man. And throughout Obama’s term. Holder held the lock and key to justice in our country as we watched corruption take place on almost a daily basis for 8 years. Eric held the keys and the American people were locked out.

Barack Obama ran in 2008 after writing his book the “Audacity of Hope.” Audacious he was, no doubt about that. “Hope and Change” was the campaign mantra. Those who voted for him soon discovered that this simply meant that for the following 8 years they would hope when they went into the kitchen and reached for the piggy bank on the counter, some change would be in there so they could make it through another day. This sad state was tagged as the “new norm” by out sophisticated, smooth talking president who had the time of his life hanging with celebrities, golfing and making speeches. After watching this charade for 4 years, many who voted for him were ready to give a thumbs down in November 2012.

Thanks to Eric Holder, working in concert with the IRS, Barack Obama managed to claw out for himself another 4 years in 2012, in spite of the clear failure of his policies. Eric was a faithful, though tarnished, soldier of the Obama regime. Now he wants to run for president? Bring it on Eric! Will I even consider voting for you? Do you want my one word answer or my two word answer?