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On the day you were born, you alone were crying and everybody else was smiling. On the day you die, will you alone be smiling and everyone else crying? The answer to this question will be whether you live your life for titles or testimonies.

Roger Aile’s Legacy

In spite of all the mudslinging and allegations aimed at Roger Ailes, don’t kid yourself: this man led an amazingly effective and inspiring life. As the founder of Fox News and conservative communications genius, his contribution to conservatism and traditional American values in America is immeasurable.
Roger died Thursday morning. There are few people in this world who will ever have the impact this man had. Here are some tributes that show clearly that his was a life well lived. Let these words, from people whose lives he changed, tell the story. The greatest legacy he leaves behind is revealed in the countless stories of people whose lives he changed forever. Perfect? No. Great man? Yes. A champion of people.